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dating service virginia beach Following are some links to other resources that you may find helpful. The contacts listed below come highly recommended by our team. Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists le site de rencontre des jeunes de plus de 50 ans Hospitals
North Shore Private Hospital
The Mater Hospital

navigate to this site Ultrasound
Ultrasound Care
Sydney Ultrasound for Women Pregnancy Related
The Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne
(fact sheets – tests and procedures)
Multiple Births Association
Australian Breastfeeding Association
Gidget Foundation
Food and Pregnancy
Sue Nettleton (private classes)
m. 0425 315 101
Child Restraints
Labour Tens
Compression Stockings
(Carol Taylor)
t. (02) 9418 3648 m. 0419 275 157

have a peek at this site Gynaecology
Cervical Screening
Pap Registry
Abnormal Pap Smear Results Information
Information on Cervical HPV
Cervix, Brest Bowel Cancer Screening in Australia
Cervical Cancer Vaccine
Australian Centre for Sexual Health

have a peek here Physiotherapy
Physio Evolution
Ramsay Professionals
North Shore Private Hospital
t. (02) 8425 3466

site de rencontre platonique Acupuncture & Herbalist

Sue Booth
Irene Perrin